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the door and looks on coldly (31st Dec 19 at 1:56am UTC)
Strongly from more ability, let the Yan fly to have deeper understanding to the mysterious strength that reforms unmanned machine.But the life and death in last night of process fight to kill, he had very great feeling Wu.A personal real strenght is again strong, didn't experience a life and death test, always as if blossom within glasshouse, can not the true positive growth get up.
Finally polishing off that Xiao is empty, the Yan flies not to regret, in the world have no so much to with wrong, as long as someone wants to kill you, you have to return shot, this is the way of real existence, and those living comfort and ease person can not comprehend this feeling.
Ate a big breakfast after, Yan's flying a beginning is inquiring, but has never found out any concerning last night to take place the report of affair and be like this affair didn't take place, this makes him let go of heart.Originally he after feeling the affair that Zhang Bao becomes to experience last night would have to refrain from rash action, but he completely underrated the greed that Zhang Bao becomes.
Arrive much the time at 11:00 A.M., Zhang Xiao Hong takes that little boy to come to cry to shout to cause trouble again.But together come of, have some face reading brutish tatoo big fellow.See the surroundings come together to in great quantities round view crowd, floret king didn't cry to shout in the down stairs, but directly up the fifth floors start tapping the door that the Yan flies.Round view crowd to see the jollification see, also follow last the fifth floor, those tatoo big fellows mix in the crowd and pay attention to the development of affair.
The Yan flew to just open door, floret king pressed in room, and closed door, still peep out uncanny air on the face.The Yan flies nature to know to connect down and take place what, hence he stand leave Wang Xiao Hong from a distance.Wang Xiao Hong wants to close to Yan to fly, the Yan flies and then quickly stays away.Seeing can not close to Yan to fly, once Wang Xiao Hong's eye pupil turn and no longer close to Yan to fly, but the clothes that directly tore to pull oneself, the mouth inside still yells "don't ".Big voice, not only the person out of the door can hear, being the persons in the down stairs yards can hear.
Waited until clothes to tore to pull about, Wang Xiao Hong mixed up his/her own hair and opened a door to rush out room and sat on the hallway to cry a sky to rob ground:"Do evil things hey, this indeed as expected has no a good person, Xing Yan 's small beast is also a sex maniac, even I none of old women like this pass.Everyone see quickly, he still tores lousy my clothes, want a strong female to do me."
The Yan flies a station at the door and looks on coldly, didn't make a noise.A few brutish tatoo big fellows of outside aisle immediately rounded to come over and loudly shouted a way:"Absolutely is to have no nature's law, everyone together last, kill this sex maniac, he is an animals, don't even pass old women, we want in addition to suddenly and violently Anne is good"
Those crowds who round a view a burst of Hua however, it is persons like this to have never thought Yan to fly.Stir up in the horselaugh of those tatoo big fellows under, some people run up building to go to, will the cluster beat Yan to fly.
A few Ceng heats order of sow just on the spot live, see this circumstance immediately be like beat chicken blood, shout a way in mouth:"Old iron hi get up, if someone beats to appreciate anchor an orchid Bo radicle Ni, I go up in person in addition to suddenly and violently Anne is good."
Is present as side is being extremely confusion, willing soon losing control, the fourth floor Lyu Yang Yang and Su's smoke's door opens, from in come out five polices, what to take the lead is exactly that Huang Bu and seedling are red, they walk the fifth floors and yell a "stop!"
Once these people of Wang Xiao Hong see a police, immediately a bit guilty, but once her eye pupil turn, the bad person starts suing in court first and says:"Police comrade, you come at the right moment, this Yan flies to play rascal and wants a strong female to do me, you see, my clothes are all tored by him lousy, you grasp him quickly!" wholesale Plantation shutters
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