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Suggestion - Posted By Zeke (zeke) on 28th May 08 at 1:26pm
I have a Suggestion for your website. I was thinking what you could do is put a thing on the homepage that says if the server is online or offiline. It would help in the long run.

Also, make your Downloads and Registration forms easier to find.The fist time I came to this website I couldn't find where to register for the client or Download the Patch.

I'm hoping you will take my suggestions into thought this will make this server/website easier for everyone.
Jordan aka Zeke {Wink}

Re: Suggestion - Posted By Misplaced (misplaced) on 28th May 08 at 1:29pm
lol Jordan it says "I could" find where it was >_> btw call me

Re: Suggestion - Posted By Free Hugs (freehugs) on 28th May 08 at 2:09pm
I think we should have ranks, or an actual web page instead of a forum. If one of the gms don't make it would anybody be interested in making one with me?

Re: Suggestion - Posted By RedRanger (kcvrixii) on 28th May 08 at 3:26pm
Ranks are coming soon

Re: Suggestion - Posted By Tacoon (tacoon) on 31st May 08 at 5:46am
Well, all good suggestions, but when you think about it, its not too much of a hassle to just search around the forums for something, instead of it being plastered across the home page "DOWNLOAD HERE", that would just mean UBER lag. And also, clicking on your client (I suggest a shortcut), and seeing its not up isnt that annoying, either. Don't put more work on the Staff than they already have {Smile}

Re: Suggestion - Posted By DrSilo (drsilo) on 31st May 08 at 10:33am
To play RiggedMS, you have to pass the test to find the client. {Tongue Out}