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RiggedMS Official Forum Rules - Posted By Robert (admin) on 20th May 08 at 10:36pm
The RiggedMS Official Rules

Minor Problems:
- Multiple Posts: posting numerous times in a row
- Bumping: posting just to get a topic at the top of a forum, usually with just the word “bump”
- Gravedigging: posting in a topic that has not been posted in for over 2 weeks unless you are the owner of the topic and it is a selling or buying thread.
- Spamming (in general): posting only a few words in a topic such as “lol ok” or something with little to no relevance to the topic; creating topic deemed useless by staff or one solely for the purpose of spamming
- Caps: posting in all caps
- Backseat Modding (mild): posting things like “lock this thread” - basically acting like a mod

Users will receive a bit of warnings for the following:
- Multiple Minor Problems
- Misleading Title: making a thread’s title different from its content as to attract attention (i.e. title of “FREE ACCOUNT” with content about some random question, “READ THIS,” etc...)
- Flooding (mild): posting in many threads in a forum in a row
- Posting Multiple Topics: creating many threads about the same thing
- Badmouthing newbies: disrespecting newcomers simply because they are new
- Accusing someone of scamming: without proof (text logs DO NOT COUNT AS PROOF)
- Begging: asking for free stuff...
- Infraction Complaints: making a topic asking about one’s warning, whining, asking for warning removal, etc... anywhere except the Help forum

Users will receive more warnings for the following:
- Flaming: excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user
- Discrimination: derogatory comments made towards another's race, religion, gender, etc...
- Referrals: posting referral links for sites, surveys, other games, etc...
- Begging: asking for a rank or modship here

Users will be banned for 2 weeks for the following:
- Build-up of warnings

Users will be banned for 1 month for the following:

- Bigger Build-up of warnings

Users will be banned permanently for the following:
- Advertising: posting threads advertising sites - only allowed in personal signatures, advertising a business website (goldfarm sites) are not allowed in signatures or anywhere on the site.
- Porn: posting pictures, videos, links to websites related to porn, etc...
- Warez: posting direct downloads to Warez, links of websites related to Warez - includes: posting full length motion pictures (movies) regardless of whether or not they are in theaters or on dvd, completed seasons of a television show (1-2 episodes due to comical reasons are permitted), shareware programs, cracked shareware programs, cracks/serials for shareware programs, etc...
- Multiple Accounts: If you happen to make a mistake in the spelling of your username, you ARE allowed to create a new account. However, if you have been banned, you are NOT allowed to create another account.
- Scamming: or any suspicious behavior similar to scamming (i.e. attempting to scam)
- Password Cracking: including the creation, help in creation, use, discussion, and/or distribution of crackers
- Posting infected files: keyloggers, viruses, trojans, etc...
- Account Sharing: only 1 user is allowed to use an account
- Selling Real Life Items: consoles, MP3 players, cell phones, etc...
- Plagiarism: posting someone else’s work and claiming it as one’s own work (i.e. scripts, programs, etc...)
- Avatar/Signature Ripping: using someone else’s signature as one’s own without permission
- Rank Impersonation: using the mod/admin ranks as avatars
- Returning after a ban: proxying onto RiggedMS, using another person’s account (which will lead to his or her account being banned as well), etc...